Lazy Girl No Heat Hair Curler
Lazy Girl No Heat Hair Curler
Lazy Girl No Heat Hair Curler
Lazy Girl No Heat Hair Curler
Lazy Girl No Heat Hair Curler
Julia Rose

Lazy Girl No Heat Hair Curler

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Best of both worlds in one product. No heat wave hair curlers, physical natural forces to shape the hair, do not damage the hair. The external silk is naturally close to your hair.



Our curling irons will not make the scalp too tight and knotted. The soft PP cotton internal will make your hair bend naturally. Best hair rollers for fine hair!



Please feel confident to buy our heatless hair curlers, we design and produce silk products. The Silk hair curlers no heat is very gentle on your hair. Luxurious Slip silk can help keep your hair soft so that reduces frizz and split ends.



As with all silk products, hand washing in cold water is recommended to ensure fabric integrity. Make sure to let it air dry after washing and between uses.



Design and create your own hair style by yourself. It works for all hair lengths and types. When we sleep with this curling iron, we will have curly hair when we wake up in the morning.

Products include:

1x Clip

2x Hair tie

1x curling iron


1. Start with slightly damp hair by either allowing it to dry after a shower or lightly dampening it with a spray bottle or wet brush.

2.You can use a hair clip to fix the middle position of the curling iron on the top of your head.

3. Start braiding the hair from one side, and then wind it around this curling column

4. When the hair is braided to the end, wind it with a hair loop.


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